Cleaning accessories in Townsville

No cleaning project is complete without the proper supplies. Our range of cleaning accessories is not only to help you get your cleaning chores done with less hassle, but they are also for your safety. When working with any chemicals, even safer ones, it is important that you use the proper gear to protect your skin and eyes. Additionally, using the proper cleaning supplies can also mean the difference between getting the job done quickly and effectively, and doing an ineffective job that is not only less aesthetically pleasing but also less likely to be truly clean on a microscopic level. We provide a huge assortment of cleaning accessories, so you can be sure that you will find exactly what you need right here within our selection. Get in touch today to ask about what we have to offer.

At C&H Cleaning Supplies, you will find that we have all the accessories you could possibly need for a job well done. We offer the following selections:
Mops — Cleaning Supplies  in Aitkenvale, QLD
Mops & Accessories -
Your floors are perhaps the first thing they will see when they enter a room, and they are also the first places that tend to get dirty due to muddy shoes, dropped food, etc. Having the right mop can save you a huge amount of time on your cleaning and will also allow you to remove more dirt and grime for a cleaner look.
Brushes & Dustpan — Cleaning Supplies  in Aitkenvale, QLD
Brushes & Dustpans -
Most floors need to be brushed several times a day. We carry a range of brushes and dustpans to help you get the job done faster and more effectively.


Buckets are necessary for a range of cleaning tasks, including mopping and wiping floors, tables, walls and virtually any surface. We have buckets in varying sizes to accommodate everything from the biggest of cleaning jobs to household chores for general consumers.


Dust can cause breathing issues and exacerbate allergies for those who are sensitive to it. We have a range of dusters to remove dust from surfaces large and small.

Trollies & Accessories

Trollies provide you with a more convenient way to move cleaning products and supplies from one location to another. Our items are heavy-duty, so they will last for ages even with daily use in large settings such as schools and hospitals.


We provide scrapers in varying sizes to remove stuck-on debris from a range of surfaces.
Squeeze Bottle

Squeeze Bottles

Choose from squeeze bottles in numerous sizes to use with our concentrated cleaning chemicals.

Safety Supplies

We have a wide range of safety supplies to help you get cleaning done without risk of burns and ... Read more

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