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C&H Cleaning Supplies is committed to providing the best cleaning chemicals for any situation. Whether you are looking for safe cleaning options to use around children or pets, or you need something heavy-duty to kill deadly pathogens in a medical environment, we can provide exactly what you need for any situation. We carry a huge assortment of cleaning chemicals—our stock of products totals over 3500—so you can feel confident that you will find just what you need for any job. If you aren't sure what products are the right fit for your situation, get in touch with our team and we will be more than happy to make a few selections that will be ideally suited to your job.

Our team provides a range of cleaning chemicals for a number of unique situations. Some of our most popular products include:
Medical Cleaning — Cleaning Supplies  in Aitkenvale, QLD
Medical Cleaning Supplies -
In a medical setting, it is highly important that you use cleaning chemicals that not only clean dirt and debris from surfaces, but that also have the capacity to kill pathogens. One of the biggest risks when in a hospital or medical centre is the risk of spreading infection. Using a cleaning chemical that kills infection-causing germs is the best way to prevent the disease from spreading from one surface to another. We can help you find the cleaners that will work best for your specific location and situation.
Eco Friendly Cleaning — Cleaning Supplies  in Aitkenvale, QLD
Eco-friendly Cleaning Chemicals -
As more and more research is conducted into the potentially harmful effects caused by many cleaning products, the need and demand for eco-friendly and child-safe cleaning products continues to grow. Not only do hazardous chemicals pose a threat for the environment when they are sent down drains which may end up in the water supply, but they can also cause breathing issues and other health complications when used indoors. We carry a wide range of safe and biodegradable cleaning supplies from top brands like Enviroplus, Aeris, Citrus Resources, Citro Clean and our Bio Green range of chemicals. These items are safe to use around even the most sensitive areas and are fully biodegradable.

No matter what location or individual needs, we can help you come up with a combination of cleaning chemicals and supplies that will work for your situation. Get in touch with our trained professionals to get detailed information on any of our products. Or, you can even stop by and view many of our products in-person before you buy.

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Are you ready to upgrade your cleaning chemicals? Get in touch with C&H Cleaning Supplies today to ask about our full selection of options. We’ll take the time to discuss what your needs are, what locations you will be cleaning and any other relevant information to help you choose products that are tailored to your needs. With a selection that includes thousands of products, you are sure to find the perfect product for your requirements.