Cleaning equipment in Townsville

At C&H Cleaning Supplies, we carry a wide range of cleaning equipment to help you get the job done faster, easier and with a higher level of accuracy. We are fully committed to carrying the best products by top manufacturers that meet Australian standards combined with the best in German design. Our store is the local distributor for the famous Hako brand of cleaning equipment. This brand is well-known in the industry for providing superior performance, durability and ease of use. They not only make standard equipment such as vacuum cleaners and sweepers but also heavier duty items like polishers, scrubbers and sweepers. If you need to complete a major cleaning task over a large area, such as gymnasium floors, school hallways, or hospital floors, ask us about our wide variety of cleaning equipment to see how we can help.
We offer the best brands at prices you can afford. If you want to view our items before you buy, stop by our display area and take a look for yourself. Our expansive range of cleaning equipment includes:
Vacuum Cleaners — Cleaning Supplies  in Aitkenvale, QLD
Vacuum Cleaners
We have a range of vacuums suited for commercial and other public settings in a range of styles.
Floor Scrubbers — Cleaning Supplies  in Aitkenvale, QLD
Floor Scrubbers
We carry floor scrubbers of multiple sizes to help lift up tough to clean areas of your floors.
Floor Polishers — Cleaning Supplies  in Aitkenvale, QLD
Floor polishers help restore your wood floors to a pristine shine. They come in a range of sizes and can be used on timber floors in a wide variety of settings.
Floor Sweepers — Cleaning Supplies  in Aitkenvale, QLD
Our power sweepers help pick up dirt and debris with less hassle when you're cleaning very large areas, such as schools or gyms.

Accessories & Parts

We have a vast assortment of accessories and replacement parts to work with our cleaning equipment or your existing equipment.

Vacuum Bags

Find a selection of vacuum bags to accommodate our machines, as well as your existing vacuum cleaners.

Escalator & Travellator Cleaners

Specialised equipment is needed to clean escalators and travellators. We have these machines to help keep stores, airports and other settings neat and clean.

Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners are a great way to lift off stains and disinfect carpeting without the need for harsh chemicals. Steam cleaners can also help remove allergens without releasing them into the air.
Squeeze Bottle

Floor Pads

We carry a range of floor pads to accommodate a number of settings.

Pressure Cleaners

Pressure cleaners are capable of cleaning off even built-in and weather-related stains from hard surfaces, such as concrete. We have pressure washers in a range of sizes to accommodate settings large and small.

Call today to ask about our wide selection of cleaning equipment

If you are not ready to buy or only have occasional or short-term needs, we also offer equipment for hire. We can deliver the equipment to you and then come and pick it up at the end for added convenience - call us for a quote and we can arrange to meet with you!